Sleep Training: Part 1

Levi has been sleeping in our bed since he was probably 2 months old. It didn’t happen intentionally as I swore I would never co-sleep. Eventually, after countless nights of falling asleep while nursing from being so exhausted, the habit started. Levi got so used to sleeping with me that he wouldn’t sleep longer than 20 minutes in his bassinet.

Fast forward to today– Levi is still in our bed and still nursing multiple times throughout the night. Even naps require him to be held and or laid down in our bed once he’s fallen asleep. Needless to say, it’s time to get this boy in his own bed!

My Christmas present from Chris was to hire a sleep consultant to get on us the right track! I can honestly say that I feel extremely confident and am excited to get my sleep back 😁 Our sleep consultant was so knowledgeable and even gave us an entire sleep plan unique for Levi. Right now we are still working on our “pre-work” before we begin actual sleep training. We decided to extend all of our pre-work beyond the normal 5 days because we went on vacation for a week, and couldn’t start until after we got back. I’ve also decided to go with no night feeds anymore since it’s starting to affect his meals during the day. The boy loves food, but most days I can hardly get him to eat a darn thing!

He’s been having a few rough days recently with not enough naps, waking up too late in the morning, and catching a nasty cold. 😦 I’m waiting on him to have a good day to start the actual sleep training process. My favorite part about it is that it’s not just a cry it out, although there will be tears! Probably from both of us. 😢 As excited as I am to get my bed back I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness knowing that I won’t have my little cuddle bug in bed with me every night. Then I remember that this whole process will be better for my sleep, his sleep, his safety, and my marriage.

Hopefully we’ll get this show on the road here in the coming days before I go back to school next week! I hope to post more about our sleep training experience: the ups, the downs, the tears, and (hopefully) the success!

See you soon,

Olivia 💕

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