Our last minute wedding… and how we pulled it off!

Chris and I got engaged on December 23rd of 2016, just a month before our little Levi was born! Our original plan was to wait until I graduated college to start wedding planning, so we were looking at either 2019 or 2020 to get married! Now I have to admit, anyone that knows me knows that I’m very impatient and waiting that long just wasn’t going to cut it!

So what exactly made us change our minds? I actually have a hard to giving a definite answer for this. We were at my grandmothers farm for dinner one night in late July and the topic got brought up about where I’d like to get married. She mentioned if the farm is a place I’d like to get married and I think my heart just about stopped when she asked that. I really didn’t think that was ever an option as I didn’t want that pressure on them even though I had always wanted to get married there! I was hesitant to say yes, but as the night went on the wedding planning started!

Suddenly we were walking around the farm deciding where the ceremony and reception would be. Of course the big question was, “Ok, when are we having this?” That was probably the easiest– and the most freighting–decision so far. We settled on October 21 which was Ohio States Bye Week because how could we possibly miss an OSU game, right? 😉 So there we were, planning to get married in just 3 short months.

As the wedding plans started happening I honestly didn’t realize how much really went in to planning a wedding. There’s one thing about my family, it’s either go big or go home so this certainly wasn’t going to be a half-ass wedding regardless of the time we had to plan it. Now bless my moms heart because she put so much time and effort into making sure this day was perfect for me. She’s unbelievable!

A little advice, when you’re having a wedding last minute GET A WEDDING PLANNER! I promise the money is worth it! We were lucky to have the same woman that planned my sisters wedding, and she just has a way of relieving your stress after every meeting with her. She also decided on flowers based on my color scheme and got them ordered which was a huge stress reliever! A lot of our decor was rented from her as well.

Now I think I messaged just about every photographer in the county and every.single.one was booked. I finally found a photographer that was available and I really think it was a God send. She was AMAZING! She truly is an artist and puts her heart into it, unlike majority of photographers in our area who just use it as a money making tool. Anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a photographer but not everyone is born with the artistic ability to succeed at it. Needless to say, I loved my photos!

As for the most important part– the dress! We made sure when we went to my appointment that they knew I needed something off the racks that didn’t have to be ordered! Believe it or not, this was probably the easiest part of the wedding planning! Besides a little mishap with a seamstress, but we can save that for another post. 😉 My biggest piece of advice is to get a dress that requires little alterations and pick a seamstress that is confident doing wedding dresses!

For bridesmaid dresses I had them ordered from 3 different websites and hand picked each of them. I use these 3 websites and highly recommend them! All of the dresses were great quality and great prices. Lulus, Show Me Your Mumu, and Saved by the Dress

That’s all for this post! Let me know if you want more details/advice on things like our musician, D.J., catering, bachelorette party, etc!

Sleep Training: Part 1

Levi has been sleeping in our bed since he was probably 2 months old. It didn’t happen intentionally as I swore I would never co-sleep. Eventually, after countless nights of falling asleep while nursing from being so exhausted, the habit started. Levi got so used to sleeping with me that he wouldn’t sleep longer than 20 minutes in his bassinet.

Fast forward to today– Levi is still in our bed and still nursing multiple times throughout the night. Even naps require him to be held and or laid down in our bed once he’s fallen asleep. Needless to say, it’s time to get this boy in his own bed!

My Christmas present from Chris was to hire a sleep consultant to get on us the right track! I can honestly say that I feel extremely confident and am excited to get my sleep back 😁 Our sleep consultant was so knowledgeable and even gave us an entire sleep plan unique for Levi. Right now we are still working on our “pre-work” before we begin actual sleep training. We decided to extend all of our pre-work beyond the normal 5 days because we went on vacation for a week, and couldn’t start until after we got back. I’ve also decided to go with no night feeds anymore since it’s starting to affect his meals during the day. The boy loves food, but most days I can hardly get him to eat a darn thing!

He’s been having a few rough days recently with not enough naps, waking up too late in the morning, and catching a nasty cold. 😦 I’m waiting on him to have a good day to start the actual sleep training process. My favorite part about it is that it’s not just a cry it out, although there will be tears! Probably from both of us. 😢 As excited as I am to get my bed back I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness knowing that I won’t have my little cuddle bug in bed with me every night. Then I remember that this whole process will be better for my sleep, his sleep, his safety, and my marriage.

Hopefully we’ll get this show on the road here in the coming days before I go back to school next week! I hope to post more about our sleep training experience: the ups, the downs, the tears, and (hopefully) the success!

See you soon,

Olivia 💕

Matching P.J’s for the win!

This was my little Levi’s FIRST CHRISTMAS! It was also Chris and I’s first Christmas as a married couple. Of course, I was not going to let this Christmas go by without finding the PERFECT pair of matching pajamas. Well ladies, I can definitely say, “I crushed it.” These jammies were a total hit with the whole family. My siblings and their little fams got the same ones, but each family got a different pattern… how fun is that!?

Processed with VSCO with av4 presetProcessed with VSCO with av4 preset

Yes, you saw it here — I got my husband to wear a onesie with me! He loved it! These were so cozy such a great quality. A lot of reviews said that the children’s sizes ran HUGE so I was a little nervous when ordering. To my surprise, they all fit perfectly! They really didn’t run too big at all in my opinion.


Can we just talk about how cute the bum is on Levi’s pajamas? I loved the style and fit of his. The material was also nice and soft on his skin and wasn’t too stiff like a lot of his other p.j’s.

So, i’m sure you’ve already guessed it– Burt’s Bees is the bee’s knees! 😉 We ordered ours directly from their website and they shipped quickly in came in looking amazing! I highly recommend them not only for the holidays, but for all year round! I’ve always been a fan of their baby clothes so I had high expectations for these that were definitely met.

Get yours here! We chose Buffalo Plaid in Evergreen. Let me know what jammies your family chose this year!